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Dolbeare Park - 5 star Family Caravan and Camping in Cornwall
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Park Conditions

Welcome - At Dolbeare Park we hope all guests will have a relaxing and enjoyable stay. The following conditions form part of the booking.

2.0 Holiday Use Only
All bookings are expressly for holiday purposes only.

2.1 Barrier System
A £10 refundable deposit is charged for a barrier card. The barrier can be opened between 7am and midnight. Vehicles returning or wishing to depart outside these hours should park in the visitor’s car park opposite reception.

2.2 Vehicles On Site
The Park speed limit is 5 mph – walking speed. Avoid driving on the grass where possible. Only one vehicle is allowed per pitch, additional vehicles should be registered with Reception and left in the visitors car park.

2.3 Showers and Toilets
During peak periods the showers and toilets will be closed between 12pm and 2pm for cleaning. For your own safety please do not use the facilities during cleaning. Children under 7 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Children under 11 must be accompanied by a responsible adult when using the showers.

2.4 Insurance
The Park and its facilities are used entirely at guests' own risk and the owners are not respnsible for any injury or damage to any persons or their property whilst they are using any of the facilities on the park. Vehicles and caravans at Dolbeare Park are left entirely at the owners risk

2.5 Pitching of Units
We show all guests to their pitch and explain the fire safety separation requirements between units.

2.6 Tents on Grass
Please use breathable groundsheets where possible.

2.7 Pup Tents
Must not exceed 3m x 2m x 1.5m high. Only one per pitch at any time is permitted.

2.8 Windbreaks
Maximum of 6 poles per pitch which should not impose on the fire safety gap between pitches.

2.9 Persons under 16
Persons under 16 are the responsibility of their parents or guardian whilst on the Park. In the interest of safety, parents should know where their children are at all times and ensure they do not abuse or misuse the facilities. It is expected that all children will be with their families by 10.30pm.

2.10 Ball Games
Please restrict ball games to the lower paddock children’s play area.

2.11 Children’s Play Areas
The children’s play areas are unsupervised. Parents are responsible for the supervision and safety of children at all times.

Dolbeare Park accepts no responsibility for injury and damage caused whilst using the play equipment and any other activities provided.

2.12 Behavior
Any person or group of children causing a general nuisance to guests staying on the park, staff members, or causing damage to the property of Dolbeare Park will result in the immediate removal of the offender and the offender’s party from the park. No refund will be given for the remaining segment of holiday paid for. We trust that we will receive your cooperation in achieving a safe and peaceful environment.

2.13 Cycling
Cyclists are welcome at Dolbeare Park. For safety reasons bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades and micro-scooters are not to be used on the Park.

2.14 Kites & Model Aircraft
Kites, model aircraft and drones (UAV's) may not be flown on the Park.

2.15 Dogs
Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and not left unattended whilst on the Park. Please dispose of dog waste in the bins provided. Dogs are not allowed in any building, children’s play area or the nature trail. Please refer to our Dog Owners Guide that forms part of these conditions.

2.16 Recycle/Rubbish
Please recycle using the facilities provided for glass, plastic bottles, cans, newspapers and cardboard. All other domestic items of refuse are to be disposed of in the general waste bins. Please remove any bulky or non-domestic items to the local council facilities behind Waitrose at Saltash 4 miles away

2.17 Barbeques
Barbeques are for the cooking of food only. Open fires or the burning of wood is strictly prohibited.

Barbecues should be at least 12" off the ground to prevent the grass being burnt or scorched. Bricks are available to protect the grass from disposable barbeques and hot kettles and pans. Guests may be charged a £10 repair fee for each area of damaged grass.

2.18 Electricity
It is the responsibility of our guests to ensure their electric mains hookup point to their unit is safe and should be protected by a Residual Current Device (RCD). Tent campers MUST have an RCD to connect to our electricity supply. We reserve the right to charge for excessive consumption.

2.19 Day Visitors
All visitors to the Park must leave their car in the visitors car park. All visitors must sign in at reception before entering the Park. Guests will be charged £5 per person for any visitor not registered before entering the Park.

2.20 Hygene
Guests will not be allowed on the park if suffering from an infectious condition.

2.21 Smoking
Smoking is not allowed in any building. Please do not dispose of your cigarette butts on the ground.

2.22 Disclaimer
The owners disclaim responsibility for any injury or damage to guests’ property or to their person or to their children or their pets by fire, theft, water or any third party or by any means whatsoever whilst they are here on the Park. This includes acts of God, civil strife, industrial action, natural disasters, war, animals and insects.

2.23 Changes
The owners reserve the right to amend these conditions or to waive any particular conditions in individual cases.


Our Park conditions are for the benefit of all. We reserve the right to terminate the stay without refund, or refuse to accept any person not observing the Park conditions.





WiFi and Internet

Surf the net while enjoying your holiday in Cornwall - at Dolbeare our WiFi access covers the park.

Information Centre

We have an extensive information centre with maps, leaflets, guides covering a wide area of both Devon and Cornwall as well as wildlife on our Park. We also have our own guides on `Where to eat', `Where to walk', `Sports and Recreation', `Beaches' and our `Suggestions Leaflet' of things you might miss.